May 2019

Intelligent Industries- A Roadmap for Networked Intelligence

Intelligent Industries: A Roadmap for Networked Intelligence

Source: The Matrix AI Network’s Chief AI Scientist Professor Deng shares his vision for Smart Cities and Networked Intelligence. Nearly 25 years ago, Steve Deng, an undergraduate student studying electrical engineering at Tsinghua University, read…


Updating your Matrix docker container

 Source:  This is pretty straight forward, but I figured I’d post this here with my docker setup guide. Step 1 –Type sudo docker pull disarmm/matrix and this will pull the updated image. Step 2 –Type sudo docker ps to…

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MatrixTools – some tweets about the website

Source: / Just launched the Matrix Tools site. Be free to visit it on For support and other users you can check out the telegram channel: Some screenshots of reports on the site: 

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MatrixTools – rewards browser now available

Source: Free for a while, browse thru your reward transactions. Miner fees are highlighted and counted (per page for now) Redlines if blocks are skippeld. Later on you can only browse when a deposit of…

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