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Important details to know before you stake:

● You can combine fixed and flexible stakes.

● If you have a fixed stake, you must initiate unstake procedures prior to the end of your stake period or else it will be automatically renewed at the same lock-up period. (see below for more details)

● When you unstake a fixed stake, you will not be able to transfer the funds to your personal wallet until your lockup time is expired. Your stake will still be valid for the duration of your lockup period. (see below for more details)

● If you unstake a flexible stake, you must wait at least 7 days before being able to transfer the funds your personal wallet.

Here is the fixed staking process with screenshots

This is what your “Green Mining” tab will look like before you make any stake. You do not see your wallet balance, you only see details related to your stake.

Once you click the “stake” link at the top you will be taken to the staking page where you configure your stake options. Choose your stake type, length, amount, and of course your wallet address.
Once you have staked, you can return to the “Green Mining” tab and view your staked balance (assuming the block containing that transaction has been verified). You can click on the details link and view your stake time and date.
Here is the view of the staking details page. It includes all relevant details about your stake. You can use the start time of stake and what should be called “length of stake” instead of “time of stake” to determine when you need to unstake, if you do not want to auto-renew your stake.
Once you have clicked the “unstake” option under operations you will see a pop up that will tell you an expected time and date of when the funds will be available to transfer back into your wallet.
Once you have unstaked, your stake account will still show your balance at the top, but you will notice that the refund account will also show a balance. This part is a little confusing. This means that you’ve successfully initiated your unstake request, but need to wait until your stake lock-up period is over before you can access your funds. You will notice the smaller text shows your balance under the refund account and not under the stake account and that just means its pending your lock-up period.
Finally, if you forgot when your lockup period ends, you can click the details button and see the estimated time of your withdrawal.

NOTE: The rest of this article is copied from the official Matrix Medium article introducing the staking options. It is merely here for reference. The full article can be found here.


Introducing Fixed and Flexible Staking

Once this update goes live, the Matrix AI Network will support two different stake types: Fixed Stakes and Flexible Stakes. Both have slightly different behaviors, rules and attributes.

Please note that you must first stake enough for a Masternode (10,000 MAN tokens for a Mining Masternode or 100,000 MAN tokens for a Verification Masternode) before the above rules apply. Additionally, you must always ensure that you have enough stake for a Masternode.

How to calculate stake rewards?

Stake rewards are distributed to every person with a stake every 3,600 blocks. Each individual’s stake rewards are calculated as follows:

1. First, everyone’s stake reward is calculated using the following formula:

Individual stake weight is determined as follows:

2. Second, penalties are applied. Penalties are calculated as follows:

Please note that the % of blocks when an individual is offline will not exceed 75%, even if the individual Masternode has been offline longer.

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