December 2019

Matrix partners with Theme Tech INc

Matrix Partners with Theme Tech Inc

Source: Matrix AI Network has entered into a strategic partnership with Theme Tech Inc, a Beijing-based company and the official service provider of China Air Traffic Management Bureau. Matrix will work with Theme Tech, to…

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Matrix’s overall plans and goals for 2020 —with Steve Deng

source: If there are any other questions you would like to learn about, please let us know in the comments below. Matrix 2.0 Green Paper:

Numerous AI Applications About to Be Launched

Numerous AI Applications About to Be Launched

Source: By December, Matrix has launched several AI applications, including pose detection, object detection, fracture detection and lung cancer diagnosis. In a recent article, we shared with readers the progress of our still liveness detection…

EasyGMAN Launch a New Masternode in One Click

EasyGMAN: Launch a New Masternode in One Click

source: In the past, after each update patch to Matrix AI Network, users had to go through complicated procedures to update their Masternodes. To simplify this, we’ve developed EasyGMAN, an application that enables people to…

2019 mining overview preview

Matrix AI Network Mining Terms

Source: This comprehensive chart provides all the terms and definitions for validators, miners, and the rewards distribution in the Matrix AI Network mining system.

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