Numerous AI Applications About to Be Launched

Numerous AI Applications About to Be Launched


By December, Matrix has launched several AI applications, including pose detection, object detection, fracture detection and lung cancer diagnosis. In a recent article, we shared with readers the progress of our still liveness detection experiment, but we still have more AI projects in store.

Simple But Useful AI Applications

We plan to group some smaller AI projects and launch them on our platform. These applications will have a lower bar for users compared with Pat Watermelon or Fracture Diagnosis.

Arithmetic Exercise Aid

Take a photo of elementary arithmetic problems you have on a piece of paper. Our AI will recognise the mathematical symbols in the image and come up with the correct result. This can be used to help your kid self-check his/her homework.

Character and Typography Recognition

This feature can quickly and accurately detect and recognise words and characters in digital images. It works for both printed and handwritten text with little accuracy loss even against a complex background. This technology will help to digitalise documents, invoices and receipts and make content management an easier task.

Emotion Recognition

This feature will analyse the facial expression in an image and decide whether it represents anger, resentment, fear, joy, sadness, surprise or calm.

License Plate Recognition

This technology can read information from a license plate image. It will see use in several scenarios including traffic monitoring, vehicle identification, electronic toll collection and parked car management.

ID Information Recognition

Abstract ID information from personal documents. This will see use in e-commerce, medicine, insurance, securities, education, car rental etc. In the mobile internet era, this technology will make entering ID information more efficient and less prone to clerical error.

Gender Recognition

Recognise the gender of a person in an image. This can be useful for publishers, e-commerce retailers and other businesses which rely on gender-targeted sales strategies.

Matrix will continue to build more AI applications. To make navigating among these apps an easier experience, we plan to launch a new platform for these app in earlier 2020.

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