February 2020

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MatrixTools – collection of info tweets

Source: https://twitter.com/matrix_tools Below some tweets and screenshots attached to the tweets about the community addition MatrixTools. MatrixTools delivers an website with (Matrix AI Network) blockchain analyses and reports, also the Matrix Telegram bot installed on several…


MatrixAi.ninja – new website for masternode reports

Source: https://twitter.com/MatrixAIninja/status/1232457322057760768 Hi to all #MatrixAINetwork community!  This is a community project and we are proud to tell you that very soon we will open our website to offer you detailed & customizable masternode reports on…

Apocalypse minder

First batch of Apocalypse miners are arrived

The first batch of Apocalypse miners are delivered (19 for the orders, 1 for testing purposes). Soon (maybe withing 2 weeks?)  they will be installed and put online. Exiting times!

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Matrix AI — 2019 Year in Review – by Steadydee

This is a copy of a great article published here: https://medium.com/@steadydee/matrix-ai-2019-year-in-review-1ad7d1d6314b   Matrix AI is an AI-based blockchain headquartered in Beijing, China that was launched in late 2017 on the tail end of the infamous cryptocurrency…


Matrix Masternode Help desk

 Source: https://medium.com/@disarmm/matrix-masternode-help-desk-df0d83d78712 Recently we’ve been seeing some users reporting similar issues with their nodes and we want to make sure that everyone gets the assistance they need. I have decided to create a help desk to…

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