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Recently we’ve been seeing some users reporting similar issues with their nodes and we want to make sure that everyone gets the assistance they need. I have decided to create a help desk to help organize issues so we can see if there are any common factors and make sure that nobody is forgotten in the mix. This will also help us communicate issues with the tech team and hopefully better track responses.

If you have been having technical issues, please read and submit a ticket.

If you use docker containers:

In order to collect the necessary logs, we need everyone to update their container to change the verbosity back to level 5. This was a mistake on my part to ever change this to 1 in the container. I have updated it to use level 5 (more logs) and I have set it to remove logs older than 24 hours. This will allow the collection of important error logs without the using up too much space. I have made the process for updating all your containers very easy.

If you are using my docker containers, then you should be aware of my installer. If you run the following command…

It will start the installer shown below. Choose option 6 to update your container image with the latest version.

When you select this option it will read all the containers on your server, remove them one by one, upgrade your container image, and then recreate them using the same ports and data paths originally used. No data will be lost in this process and you wont need to re-sync anything. This will also be the way you update your containers from now on when new gman files are released.

Once that finishes, it will also add my nodeMaint script to your system that can be used for various maintenance tasks. In order to run this, you can type


from anywhere on your server and you’ll get the maintenance menu.

In order to collect the logs, you will need to chose option 6 to obtain the logs. It will let you choose which container to pull the logs from and then it will place the logs in the /tmp/MatrixLog directory. You will then need to retrieve those logs either with a USB drive or copy them over the network using SCP.

Note: Before you do this, please let your containers run for at least an hour to collect the more detailed logs.

If you are running a single standalone node:

With a standalone setup, it is much simpler to retrieve the logs. The are stored in the MatrixLogs directory. You will find this directory in the same path as your gman file that you use to launch your node. Please provide the most recent 5 logs when submitting your support ticket. If you are using verbosity 1 to save space, you will need to relaunch your node with verbosity 5 and let it run for an hour to collect more detailed logs.

Submitting a support ticket:

Once you have obtained the logs from the problematic node, please open a support ticket at and attach the logs with your ticket.

This will help us organize support and responses so nobody is forgotten. This will also help us track similar issues. Hopefully, if this goes well, we can maybe expand the help desk support for other issues as well. For now, I am only looking for tickets from people that have issues with their masternodes syncing, getting peers, or constantly getting blacklisted.

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