AMA held by CEO Owen Tao 2020-03-06

ama 2020-06-03 Owen Tao

Here a summarized version of the AMA held by CEO Owen Tao (twitter: in the Matrix main telegram channel (

Some words before the questions:

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, progress on some of our plans has been delayed. We hope that things can go back to normal soon, for China and for the rest of the world. During this period, many of the Matrix staff are working remotely, while some still work at the office. Recently, we’re focusing our energy on the Apocalypse and GPU mining-related tasks. As for AI, Professor Deng is involved in a chip developing project. More details will be revealed in the AMA.

About the emails reply,i’ll ask Alfred to check more frequently @Ilwennor

The gpu support has been tested on testnet(Jerry),Bill had told me the day before yesterday

As far as I know,most of the benefited firms are stated owned in China

We have been confriming with the greenmining almost everyday,the most serious problem is the apocalypse opponents supplier:the majority of them are produced in Guangdong and Hubei provinces which are the top two serious coronavirus breakout zone

In my opinion,Greenmining can finish assembling all machines before May,since the Chinese authority of the ministry of health said recently,the virus can be almost contronlled at late April

Question 1:

For Professor Deng – How excited are you to be building a global network of computing resources that you can use to run your AI models? How does this network stack up against the resources you have currently available at Tsinghua university? How do you think it will compare in a few years?

This answer i asked Steve ,the below is his answer:
The importance of building such a global network of computing resources can never be overstressed. The emergence of the Internet aggravated the concentration of both financial and computing resources. Now the large computing infrastructures are controlled by a small number of big players. A blockchain-enabled global computing network will democratize the computing resources to people around the world and boost the technology progress in developing countries.

The global network will be far more powerful than any computers and clouds I have used before. It will allow us to explore compute-intensive applications such as automatic neural architecture search and multi-omics analysis, which cannot be done with the computing infrastructure of any universities.

I would say the development could not be easy in the few years ahead. There are many super challenging problems to be resolved. On the other hand, I believe we will witness the maturing of key technologies.

Question 2:

Can you share some insights on the current status of funding of Matrix? Is it struggling at all financially? What is the current status?

We’re doing okay with our capital flow. Since the development of mainnet is closer to an end, we are re-directing our resources to developing new applications and boosting our market value.

Question 3:

When can we see a new road map?

We plan to release the new roadmap after our compute distribution network is complete and goes online. The roadmap will include our blueprint for Matrix 2.0 as well as a strategy for adding more applications to the mainnet.
Just confirmed with Bill,we are going to publish at the end of this month

Question 4:

How many paying customers/contracts do you reasonably see Matrix getting in 2020?

So far, we’ve negotiated three partnership contracts related to mainnet services. We planned to sign several dozen such contracts by the year-end, but the corona-virus outbreak has disrupted our schedule to some extent.

Between the questions: Hey Ben,I think we have reveal it before

In my opinion,Greenmining can finish assembling all machines before May,since the Chinese authority of the ministry of health said recently,the virus can be almost contronlled at late April

Question 5:

Does Matrix still plan to be used by hospitals? Have hospitals expressed interest in paying for Matrix’s computing power/AI diagnostics engine?

Several hospitals are now testing our products. In China, the test and review procedures for hospitals to introduce new drugs or equipment are usually taking a very long time.

Question 6:

Theme Tech has expressed interest in Matrix’s weather data system. Where exactly will l Matrix be used in this agreement? Airport, windfarm? Have any other entities expressed interest in this technology?

The focus of this partnership is to provide Matrix AI technology and computing power service for use in airports. But wind force prediction is also a transferrable technology for use in wind farms. We are still looking for a partner in wind energy to maximise the business potential of this technology.

Question 7:

To what extent can Matrix’s AI capabilities scale to once GPUs and Apocalypse miners start running? With even more hardware, what else can be achieved?

The more mining machines we have in the mainnet, the more powerful it will be. Our plan is to build the world’s largest distributed computing power network. Matrix AI Network will be a supercomputer accessible to everyone. More and more SMEs will benefit from the affordable compute that we provide. We’re also contributing to the development of AI technology as a whole.

Question 8:

In a previous question (ASK Matrix #23 video on youtube), a question was asked about how MAN tokens are purchased or used as a credit companies can buy or use to use Matrix’s AI power. It was said that there would be ways a company can do this without going to an exchange etc. How does Matrix plan to go about this? Is this still in the plans? Are there any partners that can help link MAN and FIAT so that companies can use fiat to pay for Matrix services and use MAN token somehow?

In the future, our distributed computing platform will have public portals for companies and individuals to build front-end websites for leasing their idling compute. The compute on our platform will be managed by a different company, who will receive payment in fiat from buyers of compute and obtain MAN tokens through exchange or OTC to pay miners who have contributed to each transaction.

Question 9:

Anything generally exciting you can share with us?

✳️We have built an AI transaction platform (demo) to host some of our most popular AI Apps. We will focus on making a good ecosystem for community developers to publish their projects and make a profit by doing so.

Currently, Baidu and Tencent are both building their own AI platforms though without integrating blockchain. Our plan is to run a blockchain based Taobao/GitHub-style platform that also utilises blockchain.
✳️Professor Deng is involved in a project for developing a coronavirus-detecting chip. The project has been underway for some time, though not all details can be disclosed.
✳️We’re developing an approach for people to remotely control their Apocalypse units. The plan is to invite two experienced members of the community to test out this feature in the near future.

>> btw,Bill and I will show up in telegram in coming weeks ,we can communicate directly

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