May 25th 2020 Matrix AMA ft. CEO Owen Tao (Vietnam Community) By Riley Tran

ama owen tao 2020-05-25


May brings us yet another great AMA with Matrix CEO Owen Tao. Below you can find a quick summery round up of the AMA for your convenience.

Q1. As you can see the pandemic has spread to more than 200 countries, and it’s impacting hardly to the gobal economy, the global recession is coming. How do you think it impact on the crypto market, as well as your project development?

A1. Due to the pandemic, I think most countries will adopt a loose monetary policy. In this environment, people will be more concerned about maintaining their asset value, which will attract more capital into the crypto-currency market, so I expect more growth for us. For Matrix, the fact that covid-19 has impacted many industries is actually a blessing in disguise. Because it means companies that struggle with their capital flow will be more concerned about cost and efficiency. In this context, more companies will start valuing the advantage of blockchain and AI technologies in improving efficiency and lowering cost.

Q2. . As I said Blockchain and AI will be the revolution of technology. Matrix AI Network is the third generation which MATRIX leverages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Can you share with us outstanding current and future products/pratical applications?

A2. Besides being a highly efficient blockchain platform, Matrix has three key functions: 1. It is a decentralized platform for distributing computing power 2. It turns personal data into asset that can be owned 3. It is a market where algorithm scientists can monetize their products. These three functions are what will give Matrix an edge over other AI ecosystems.

Q3. With all of these great functions. Can you update to us the road map for this year? What is the highlight milestone on the roadmap this year?

A3: Our goal for 2020 is to launch the Matrix Compute Distributing Platform. We have already found some clients in the AI industry who have a demand for compute. They will become the first group of people who get to benefit from our affordable compute.

Q4. People are very interested in AI application which help in healthcare and medicine, especially in global Covid panemic period, do you have any plan which support for this issue?

A4. Our products, such as rib fracture detection and lung cancer diagnosis, are already being tested in several hospitals. We’re constantly improving these algorithms and seeking partners who can provide us with large quantities of data for training our covid-19 diagnosis system.

Q5. Matrix AI Network, 2019 was about building and improving its blockchain and AI ecosystem. One aspect of Matrix that rings true despite market conditions is the ability to acquire new partners. One of them is the partnership between Matrix and Theme tech. Could you share with us more information about his partnership and the play role of Matrix in this cooperation?

A5: We are cooperating with Theme Tech to provide AI-based weather forecast service for airlines. Theme Tech is responsible for providing meteorological data, while Matrix is responsible for designing and training AI models. By introducing AI into meteorology, we aim to revolutionize this field of study that has seen few breakthroughs for the past 60 years. On the other hand, the Chinese high speed railway companies will use our predictive maintenance system to keep their trains safe, they’re our good clients in the AI industry.

Q6. When will the Huobi swap commence?

A6. Huobi has many projects in the waiting line for swaps. They are light in their technology team so it may take some months to get the swap done.

Q7. Do you have a plan to protect investors as the price of MAN is dropping?

A7. Our plan to keep the price stable and increase is to create a large demand for the MAN coin. One of our main plans is to launch our computing power platform, once this launches many clients will buy our service thus creating demand for the MAN coin increasing its price.

*This Interview and translation was done by Matrix AI Network’s Vietnam community leader Riley Tran. She has been a wonderful mediator between Matrix AI Network and the Vietnamese community.*

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