AMA held by CEO Owen Tao 2020-08-18 (recap YouTube)

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Source: (Owen addresses community concerns)

Hi guys, this is Owen. First of all, I want to thank the community for caring and supporting Matrix all this time. I have received all your questions, we will go one by one.

Question 1:

Lots of people have had Apocalypse miners blacklisted for no reason. Is there a way to fix this?

Apologies for this situation, I have spoken with Green Mining,
the problem is that the miners are located in Xinjang province.
We know that they are very affected by Covid, and the staff of ISP cannot access the internet repair facility.
So we have discussed with Green Mining, and all their staff are doing what is in their power to solve the problems.
We will negotiate with them compensation for all those affected.

Question 2:

What plans are there for new listings?

We are looking for some regional exchanges in Korea, Japan or other locations.
And we are also considering making a DEX for MAN.

Question 3:

Is there any intention to speak to Huobi again for the token swap?

We are asking you to expedite the swap and the community will be informed as soon as there are dates.

Question 4:

How is the PwC audit going?

Auditing a peripheral foundation is a very experimental job.
There is a lot of work, and the details have to be discussed and verified
So far, PwC has not completed the audit for the Matrix Foundation.
Since the Foundation is registered in Hong Kong, when PwC finishes the audit they will deliver the report to the Hong Kong Government,
which will post it after reviewing it.

Question 5:

In the past, the plan to have 2000 Apocalypse up and running by the end of the year was announced. Still stands?

To achieve this, first we must have the distributed computing power platform, online,
and find enough users who need that computing power generated by our platform.
We are dedicating many efforts to achieve this goal.

Question 6:

How many real business DApps and in which sectors are they going to be on the Matrix platform by the end of the year?

Currently there is part of the development team working on DApps for the Matrix network.
These products are in sectors such as IoT, distributed computing and distributed payments.

Question 7:

Is there an intention to improve communication with the community?

Due to some changes in our team, communication with the community has been affected.
We will do our best to return this situation to normal.
As the Covid-19 situation improves, we would like to invite some members of the community to visit our office in Beijing.

Question 8:

What is the current state of the original plan, the blockchain and its features?

There are many smart contract functionalities that are not yet online as we are working on their security.
We want to spend more time making it perfect, and then launching it
If you want to know more about functionalities planned for the future, you can do so in the Green Paper 2.0.

Question 9:

What state is the current gman in? Will bug fixes or developments come out?

Currently the gman works in a stable way, in the next version we want to add some functions on distributed computing power and some functions on IPFS.

Question 10:

The current state of github is very inactive. Are there plans to update the repositories so that the community can have a say?

Matrix 2.0 is a great project.
In addition to our core development team, we are going to create a place to invite more teams and developers,
so that you join us, and can help build the future of the Matrix.

Question 11:

Can we have any insight into what the team is working on?

We are implementing government projects with some hospitals in Guanzhou, the Chinese Academy of Science and also China Telecom.
The name of this project is Smart Hospital Union, we will update you in the future.

Question 12:

What is the general condition of the equipment?

It is true that there have been some changes in the team.
We are building a team that meets the development needs for Matrix 2.0.

Question 13:

Is there an estimate of when there will be the first applications that use the blockchain and generate traffic?

Distributed computing power platform should bring more traffic
Consumers using the hardware on our platform will pay mining fees.

Question 14: -> Matrix is involved in this project?

We are not involved in this project. In China there are many projects and unions that seem similar, like this one.
They have a similar vision to ours, but there are many details that differentiate us from them.

Question 15:

What is the current situation with Theme Tech and other clients?

The project with Theme Tech is in the test phase at the airport.
Due to Covid-19 many works have been delayed, as soon as the situation improves we will make Theme Tech accelerate your work to launch our product as soon as possible.

Question 16:

Can Matrix work in China with the country’s current crypto regulations?

Due to Chinese government regulations, the most important problem is that we cannot do that customers buy our service or product for months.
To solve this we must cover ourselves with some partners, who can exchange the country’s currency for MAN tokens so that money enters the ecosystem.

Question 17:

What is the current economic situation of the Matrix?

We are applying for government funds and also joining government projects to generate more revenue and expand the scope of our services.

Question 18:

Are things going to get better in the Matrix?

I want to thank the community for the support and concern for Matrix, we are doing everything possible to launch Matrix 2.0, step by step, according to the schedule.

Question 19:

Why did communication with the community cease in recent months?

I am sorry for the lack of communication and the uncertainty generated, due to the Covid and the financial situation there have been changes in the team, like the positions of some people who were liaising between the development team and the community.
We will try to hire someone who can fit in shortly, and we can get back to normal, updating our work and informing the community.

Question 20:

Do you plan to join or support a DeFi movement?

We plan to build our own DeFi platform, and also look for some changes to cooperate with bigger platforms if it fits.

Question 21:

Why did you focus on developing mining / AI hardware, being such a competitive field?

Thanks for the suggestion. The idea is that the distributed computing power platform is the main function of Matrix and we implemented some changes to our PoW algorithm.
To achieve this we need to do development work in the hardware area now in the early days.
In the future we want to make the platform compatible with all types of devices, including PC or Smartphone.
In this step, our most important work will be focused on software development and system optimation.

Question 22:

Regulations have been mentioned to have made things difficult for Matrix. Why is VeChain flourishing in China and partnering with Chinese companies?

In China it is not easy for a public blockchain project to cooperate with the government and companies, in addition to legality issues. Furthermore, the Chinese government is more focused on consortium platforms, they are not really decentralized, it is very different from a public chain.
I think that more and more public platforms will have to find other ways to cooperate with government and companies.
They will collaborate through their technical development teams to support some technical services.
I think most VeChain cases are the same, most are not published on your public network.
For Matrix we have other types of characteristics, since we have our decentralized distributed computing power service.
I believe that the Chinese government and companies will need our computing power in the future, so collaborations will begin.

Question 23:

Has MAN had any difficulties developing due to Covid-19 or other regulatory / legal barriers?

It is true that we have been affected by these difficulties but I am sure that we can overcome them.

Question 24:

When can we expect a minimum viable product?

We have completed our development work, I believe that in a short time we will have our system of distributed computing power.
We also want to open up some APIs so that users can use our AI algorithms.

Question 25:

Are you planning to attend virtual conferences or events in the future?

Yes, we have plans.

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