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Numerous AI Applications About to Be Launched

Numerous AI Applications About to Be Launched

Source: By December, Matrix has launched several AI applications, including pose detection, object detection, fracture detection and lung cancer diagnosis. In a recent article, we shared with readers the progress of our still liveness detection…

EasyGMAN Launch a New Masternode in One Click

EasyGMAN: Launch a New Masternode in One Click

source: In the past, after each update patch to Matrix AI Network, users had to go through complicated procedures to update their Masternodes. To simplify this, we’ve developed EasyGMAN, an application that enables people to…

2019 mining overview preview

Matrix AI Network Mining Terms

Source: This comprehensive chart provides all the terms and definitions for validators, miners, and the rewards distribution in the Matrix AI Network mining system.

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New Achievement: Still Liveness Detection

Source: Facial recognition technology involves liveness detection and comparison-based recognition. With the increasing use of this technology in business, the security threat posed by face spoofing cannot be overlooked. Current anti-spoofing solutions include dynamic video…

build to last - dat and computing power

Built to Last: Data and Computing Power

Source: A look at Matrix’s approach to data and computing power. The three core pillars of artificial intelligence are data, computing power and AI models. Following the release of the Matrix 2.0 Green Paper, the…

build to last - green paper

Built to Last: Matrix 2.0 Green Paper

Source: The Matrix team is excited to release the Matrix 2.0 Green Paper. Over the past years, the Matrix team has been hard at work using AI technology to overcome the four fundamental problems of…


An Introduction to the Matrix AI Network

Source: A brief overview of the Matrix AI Network to get you started.   Please Note: This article is meant as an introduction to newcomers. It will be periodically updated as necessary. Any suggestions to…

Intelligent Industries- A Roadmap for Networked Intelligence

Intelligent Industries: A Roadmap for Networked Intelligence

Source: The Matrix AI Network’s Chief AI Scientist Professor Deng shares his vision for Smart Cities and Networked Intelligence. Nearly 25 years ago, Steve Deng, an undergraduate student studying electrical engineering at Tsinghua University, read…

Intelligent Industries-Merging Physical and Digital Infrastructures in High-Speed Rails

Intelligent Industries: Merging Physical and Digital Infrastructures in High-Speed Rails

Source: http://Medium article The Matrix Intelligent Industry Platform creates new opportunities to generate business value. According to the Cambridge Center for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, the global opportunity for smart — or digitally enhanced — infrastructure…

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