Announcement 8th July 2020

Source: Matrix is working with China Telecom and Guangzhou Central Hospital on the #5G and #blockchain-based Smart Hospital Program.As an essential part of the Smart City Initiative, Smart Hospital will utilise #AI and #blockchain…

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MatrixTools runs a broadcast node in Germany

From 25 may MatrixTools ( / runs one of the 5 broadcast nodes of the Matrix AI Network mainnet.This is a new step to decentralization! What does the broadcast node do? Random check which…

new website 2020

New website under construction

Source: A tweet is send with an announcement that a new website is under contruction:“Our community manager Joey @matrix_tools is building this amazing website for the community, with everything you need to know about…

Matrix block rewards reduction 1

Matrix Block Reward Reduction Coming Soon…

Source: There are 400 million MAN tokens in total in the pool of Matrix AI Network. By the time the 3 millionth block is generated (estimated to happen in mid-May), the output will be…


Importand notice about scam!

Source: Recently, fraudsters have been selling their projects in our name. Please note none of our core members (inc Prof. Deng and Bill Lee) are involved in any other projects apart from Matrix. We…

Apocalypse minder

First batch of Apocalypse miners are arrived

The first batch of Apocalypse miners are delivered (19 for the orders, 1 for testing purposes). Soon (maybe withing 2 weeks?)  they will be installed and put online. Exiting times!

yahoo finance

The Matrix AI Network Releases its Matrix 2.0 Green Paper

Source:… The Matrix AI Network, a global, open-source, blockchain-powered decentralized computing platform and operating system, has published a Green Paper detailing its plans to revolutionize and democratize the field of Artificial Intelligence. NEW YORK, July…

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