Technical tutorials


Matrix Masternode Help desk

 Source: Recently we’ve been seeing some users reporting similar issues with their nodes and we want to make sure that everyone gets the assistance they need. I have decided to create a help desk to…


Copying a Matrix Node Database

Source: This is fairly straight forward and the tldr is you just copy the whole thing and delete the nodekey and update the wallet files. First of all, this works on windows and linux machines,…


Updating your Matrix docker container

 Source:  This is pretty straight forward, but I figured I’d post this here with my docker setup guide. Step 1 –Type sudo docker pull disarmm/matrix and this will pull the updated image. Step 2 –Type sudo docker ps to…


Matrix AI Network Docker Node

Source: Updated for the 8/16/2019 gman snapshot version This guide is going to walk through setting up docker in linux. You can run this container on windows or MacOS, but I wont be covering those…

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