Importand notice about scam!

Source: Recently, fraudsters have been selling their projects in our name. Please note none of our core members (inc Prof. Deng and Bill Lee) are involved in any other projects apart from Matrix. We…

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Matrix Masternode Help desk

 Source: Recently we’ve been seeing some users reporting similar issues with their nodes and we want to make sure that everyone gets the assistance they need. I have decided to create a help desk to…

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New Achievement: Still Liveness Detection

Source: Facial recognition technology involves liveness detection and comparison-based recognition. With the increasing use of this technology in business, the security threat posed by face spoofing cannot be overlooked. Current anti-spoofing solutions include dynamic video…

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Fixed Staking – Matrix AI Network

 Source: Important details to know before you stake: ● You can combine fixed and flexible stakes. ● If you have a fixed stake, you must initiate unstake procedures prior to the end of your stake period…

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