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MatrixTools – some tweets about the website www.matrixainetwork.eu

Source: https://twitter.com/matrix_tools/status/1124231309478514688 / https://twitter.com/matrix_tools/status/1124357575376556033 Just launched the Matrix Tools site. Be free to visit it on https://matrixainetwork.eu For support and other users you can check out the telegram channel: https://t.me/MatrixAiNetworkTool Some screenshots of reports on the site: 

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MatrixTools – rewards browser now available

Source:https://twitter.com/matrix_tools/status/1124836066001866752 Free for a while, browse thru your reward transactions. Miner fees are highlighted and counted (per page for now) Redlines if blocks are skippeld. Later on you can only browse when a deposit of…


Matrix AI Network Docker Node

Source: https://medium.com/@disarmm/matrix-ai-network-docker-node-3c6940b9555c Updated for the 8/16/2019 gman snapshot version This guide is going to walk through setting up docker in linux. You can run this container on windows or MacOS, but I wont be covering those…

Intelligent Industries-Merging Physical and Digital Infrastructures in High-Speed Rails

Intelligent Industries: Merging Physical and Digital Infrastructures in High-Speed Rails

Source: http://Medium articlehttps://medium.com/@matrixainetwork/intelligent-industries-merging-physical-and-digital-infrastructures-in-high-speed-rails-deea1d043ee5 The Matrix Intelligent Industry Platform creates new opportunities to generate business value. According to the Cambridge Center for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, the global opportunity for smart — or digitally enhanced — infrastructure…

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